The following is a brief summary of the many services offered by i4 architecture

The majority of our work is in north Queensland and western Queensland, but we have completed projects as far afield as Hobart, Darwin, and the Torres Strait, as well as being involved in projects in Papua and New Guinea. We travel to all locations to provide a professional service to all our clients.


i4 understand that there are many factors that influence any design, and every client and every site will have its own unique group of factors to consider. Most people usually have some idea of what they want, but are not able to express it in a way which will enable a builder to price it and build it. Our task is to encourage as much information as possible from the client’s own ideas and requirements for the project, so that we can build up a picture of the client needs. We transfer these ideas into sketches and ultimately into the built form.

Sustainable & energy efficient design

i4 are members of the Green Building Council of Australia and this understanding of our environment is an integral part of all our design work. We are able to design and certify buildings giving them “Green Star ratings.

There are many factors which impact on a building and affect its “liveability” at various times of the day or year. It is important to consider all of them and their influence on the building and its “life cycle” costs, as well as its impact on the environment.

Project Appraisal

Owning or purchasing a site does not automatically allow the construction of any development. Every local authority has its own permitted and prohibited uses (and a range in between) for every site under its control. In addition, even if a development is permitted, there could be other factors which need to be fed into the equation to determine if it is feasible to proceed.

We can advise which sites will allow your required development, together with what process is required to gain the necessary consent, and in conjunction with our Valuer and Cost Consultant we can determine the feasibility of the project. Ultimately, all decisions are yours, but an informed decision is usually more cost effective than a dream.


These are not always required, but certainly assist the client and others to comprehend the project.

Perspective sketches can vary from a 5 minute freehand drawing, through computer generated and rendered sketches, to an artist’s impression which could take several days to complete. Since many people have some difficulty reading 2-dimensional drawings, perspective sketches provide a better medium for them to understand the project. They also assist the client in selling the project to others.

We are also able to build architectural models for clients. These can vary in detail depending on their size and also the extent of the project (single building or broad acre development.)


Before any work can commence on site, the tedious process of submitting applications for building approvals and other approvals must be undertaken. This involves not only submissions to the Local Authority, but to other statutory authorities as well (Fire, Licencing Commission, Environment and Heritage, etc.)

We can advise when these are required and can prepare and submit them on behalf of the client, so that any queries are directed back to this office rather than the client for comment or attention.


For those who have already planned their new house or extensions to their existing building, we offer a drafting service to produce plans of an adequate standard to obtain a Building Permit and allow a builder to price the work.

We have also provided construction drawings for a variety of more unusual non-building items which were destined for the Patents Office or a manufacturer.


Different projects require different levels of information to enable them to be built. Simple projects may not need any specifications, and all relevant information can be included on drawings alone.

Depending on the complexity of the work, specifications can vary from a one page schedule of finishes, to a very complex and sometimes bulky document which details the materials and workmanship of over 30 trades and sub-trades.

This office can offer the full service if required.


This used to be known as Supervision, but that implied being on the job full time for the entire contract, and that is not the intention here. It is important to inspect the works at certain critical times, and when requested by either the builder or owner to sort out problems which invariably occur during construction. This service is available to all of our clients, though some choose not to use it, and others only on a limited basis, but the majority are usually relieved to have a professional office looking after their interests in a field which is generally foreign to them.


Once construction begins, the owner is entitled to a completed building, and the builder is entitled to payment for work undertaken. This involves assessing the work at certain intervals, and then issuing a Certificate of Payment to both the owner and builder stating that on a particular date the work had reached a certain value and the builder was now entitled to payment within a given time.

We are able to offer all our clients this service, in conjunction with inspections above.


In conjunction with the owner and occupier of the building, we can assist in the compilation of a maintenance schedule to enable the building to serve its occupants in an economical way for its expected life.